Serveis Serveis Integrals de Càrrega, tu partner de logística en España.


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Comprehensive coordination of LCL book transport in Spain. We carry out the entire publishing logistics process to offer our clients a comprehensive and high-quality service. We contact the publishers, organize the collection of the load and prepare it for LCL transport in our warehouse. As we have all the goods, we organize the shipment according to the client's needs, always offering the best shipping options and at the best price.


Loading of books

We coordinate the reception of the books in our warehouse, ensuring they are properly identified to simplify their control.

How do we protect your books?

To ensure that your books arrive in perfect condition and the load does not move during transport, we stow them securely. For this purpose, we use elements such as straps or airbags in the gaps of the container. Our method provides complete security to all our clients, as they can rest assured that their books will arrive in the condition in which they were delivered to us.





Documentary and customs management

We make all the necessary arrangements for the export of the books.

Air / Maritime Shipping

For the coordination of the shipment of the books we select the type of transport required by the client, depending on their needs and urgency. We carry out checks on the packaging to ensure that the products arrive at their destination in prime condition. In LCL sea transport, we pay special attention to the stowage and loading of containers, securing the loads with air bags and straps to prevent movement during transport.


We have highly qualified staff to ensure that the goods arrive correctly at their destination through labelling, packaging and container verification processes.






We coordinate and manage the publishing logistics of your books anywhere in Spain, regardless of their destination, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition. Simply tell us where and when.



Learn about the publishers that have relied on us to manage their entire distribution logistics process. From Latin America to Asia, we offer a comprehensive logistics service.

"Grandes profesionales, eficaces y resolutivos..."

Teresa Fernández , responsable Comercio Exterior.|


Trato personalizado y de alto compromiso...

"Valoramos mucho el trabajo profesional de Serveis, con un trato personalizado y de alto compromiso."

Se ha convertido en nuestro socio estratégico...

"Hemos trabajado con Serveis por más de 15 años, habiéndose convertido en nuestro socio estratégico para el manejo de la mayor parte de toda nuestra carga desde la Unión Europea. A lo largo de este tiempo, los reconocemos como un proveedor que aporta soluciones en lugar de problemas. Como una agencia de carga ágil, confiable y precisa como muy pocas. No dudamos, ni por un instante, seguirles confiando nuestros embarques aéreos y marítimos en el futuro."

Giovanni Passarelli, Director|

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